Creating molds for concrete is something simple that we can do with many materials that We can easily find at home, but sometimes We want to make some mold with measures or shape in particular.

Using my Anet ET4 and Fusion 360 personal, I’ve created a 3 part mold that can be reused as many times as I want.

We will use our preferred PLA or ABS filament, although if you can use TPU filament (Flexible) you can have a more usable mold.

Once our printer has done its job, We check that all parts fit perfectly.
(Remember to use design tolerances or horizontal expansion setting for smooth mounting.)

Before preparing the concrete We need to impregnate the interior of the mold with petroleum jelly or baby oil to provide a smooth disassembly of our piece. (once dry)

To prepare our concrete I have used a little more water so that It has a more liquid consistency and thus be able to fill the gaps and avoid more air bubbles.

You must let dry for 24/48 hours (depends on the material used).

Once the concrete has dried, remove the piece carefully and sand it to fix the surface.

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