How to Flash Anet ET4 to Marlin 2+ with ST-Link V2

Anet has already released files for flashing the ET4 3D printer’s firmware to the Marlin 2+ in August. But some of our users still don’t know how to do it. See the below instructions to learn how and wish you the best experience with our Anet ET4 3D printers.


Step 1, power on the printer and check the firmware version to confirm if it’s the right one for flashing procedures in the info sector of the setting interface in the touch screen control panel.

Model: ET4 Version: V1.1.5

[Note: ET4 Pro can’t be flashed to Marlin 2+]



If it’s the right version, then let’s go to the next step.


Step 2, check again at the extruder parts, if it has no BL touch but a capacitive sensor (for better bed leveling), it’s the right version that you can flash it by following steps.

Step 3, remove the warranty and unscrew the shell off.

Step 4, connecting the ST-Link V2 to a four wire cable according to below table.


SWCLK (SW Clock) - Number 2 - white wire plug

SWDIO – Number 4 – brown wire plug

GND (Ground) – Number 6 – black wire plug

Step 5, connect the black wired pin to the G marked pin (the closest to the chip) on the controller board, and then connect the white wired pin to the board pin above. And at last, connect the brown wired pin to the board pin above the previous.


Note: Leave the fourth pin at the top unconnected. 

Step 6, use a USB extension cable to connect the ST-Link V2 with a PC.

Step 7, click the gray button on the provided link (named as Firmware ET4 Open Source) and download a ZIP file.

Step 8, unzip the downloaded file by clicking the “7 Zip” and then the “Extract Here” button, and get a file named “Firmware_ET4-Open.Source”.

Step 9, rename it to “Firmware_ ET4_Open. Source” and then ST-Link is able to see inside the file (dashes don’t work with ST-Link).


Step 10, click below link and download the “” file for ST-Link utility.  Use “7 Zip” to unzip and select the “Extract Here” button to extract the file.

Step 11, open the extracted folder and extract the zip file inside it, and you can get an ‘EXE” file.

Step 12, run the “EXE” file and follow the automatic instructions to finish the installation of the “STM32 ST-Link Utility” app.

Step 13, open the “ST-Link Utility” app, connect the ST-Link to PC and then turn on the printer.

Step 14, click the third button (plug -like) at the ST-Link utility app and it will populate the original ET4 firmware document.

You can save it as the below picture shows.

Step 15, click the “Binary File” button and select the previous download file “Firmware_ ET4_Open. Source” and click the new “ET4.bin”.

Step 16, click the “Target” and then “Program” button to start auto-installation of the Marlin 2+ firmware after the bin file is completely loaded on the app.


Note: If you don’t have an ST-Link V2, you can also use a J-Link to flash an Anet ET4 3D printer to Marlin 2+ firmware.

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